Our history

AfriCAN became a reality in 2012, after several years of considerations and conversations between the founders Cille Schleicher and Mille Shalini Pjedsted. Mille has worked and travelled a lot in Africa, for example in Zambia, South Africa and Ghana. She has always prioritized a close interaction with the local population in order to achieve sustainable results.

Cille has also travelled a lot during her life and has experienced the incredible inequality that dominates peoples’ conditions of life depending on which part of the world you go to.

This gap of equality has for Mille and Cille resulted in a desire and will to make a difference, and both of them are convinced that education is one of the key elements in changing Africa’s future.

When seen through the light of their educational and experienced background and passion to make a difference, they decided to establish a partnership and to create AfriCAN. The name is based on the empowerment philosophy “help to self-help”. They find it crucial to emphasize that AfriCAN and the west do not necessarily save Africa but support the potential of a social and economic sustainable future based on young students who seek education.


“Education paves the road for fostering socioeconomically advantaged people whose engagement in the local community can contribute to lift a country out of poverty”