Vision, Mission and Values


The vision of AfriCAN is to ensure that young people in the countries of Africa can support the process of sustainable development in their communities with the skills they acquire through higher education and employment.


The mission of AfriCAN consists of three main points; local engagement, education as self-help and intercultural understanding. 

Local Engagement
We want to strengthen young Africans’ opportunities for participating actively in their society, by supporting their probabilities to get a higher education and strengthen their commitment to volunteering work in the community. In order to achieve this, we provide financial support and guidance to young Africans’ higher education through projects in collaboration with African partner organizations.

Education as self-help
We want to provide young Africans with the opportunity to develop their skills through education because we believe that it will enable a more economic and socially stable future for themselves and their families.

Intercultural understanding
We want to promote intercultural understanding by supporting the communication between young people in Africa and Denmark through AfriCAN’s website and blogs. We believe that this may help to focus on Africa’s potential in relation to a new generation of resourceful and committed young people.


  • Responsibility

AfriCAN believes that there is a global responsibility to create a more equal and fair world where people have the same rights to and availability of resources.

  • Sustainability

AfriCAN believes in sustainability in the form of local presence, where young people take responsibility and create a confident future for themselves and their community. We believe that the commitment and involvement of young people is a necessity to create change both locally and nationally in Africa.

  • Dialogue

AfriCAN believes that dialogue and information are important in terms of creating an understanding and acceptance of a resourceful Africa with competent young people, which will generate a positive renewable change.

  • Transparency 

AfriCAN believes that transparency in relation to the partners in the South and the North, and between the local partner organization and the target group is vital in relation to the project’s sustainability and mutual trust.

Additionally, we believe in having an equivalent relationship between the partners in North and South with respect for cultural differences.