Changes on the website

AfriCAN’s website is currently undergoing some changes. After a breakdown in the autumn, the website is now up and running in a new design, but various adjustments still have to be made. You may therefore encounter blank pages or links that do not work – please bear with us, we are working on it. Also, remember that you can always visit our Facebook page.

New partner for EduAfrica

African has partnered with the Ghanaian organization Civil Society and Institutional Foundation (CSIF) on the local managing of the project EduAfrica in the time to come. CSIF is an umbrella organization for small and medium-sized NGOs which AfriCAN has already worked closely with during the preparation of the project Student Union Empowerment.

Until recently, the organization YOPP was the partner organization of AfriCAN in Ghana, but YOPP’s small size unfortunately made it too hard for them to handle the task effectively.

It is planned that the first team of EduAfrica-sponsored students from the partnership with CSIF will start up after the summer holidays.

Read more about CSIF here.

Volunteer Portrait – Meet Malia

billede af Malia

Meet Malia – she is a volunteer in AfriCAN’s Communication Committee. Malia has a background as a Multi Media Designer from Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt. She is currently studying International Business Communication at SDU in Slagelse. As a multi media designer she was an intern at the Danish NGO, Børneulykkesfonden, and here the feeling of making a difference for other people caught her. After her internship she continued volunteering the same place. When Malia started at SDU in the summer of 2015, she saw the opportunity of using her previous experiences and competencies in AfriCAN. Education for everybody, help to self-help, cooperation – that was what lit a fire in Malia and made her become a volunteer in AfriCAN. Malia hopes to contribute in making a difference and give a hand to those who need it the most. Currently Malia is working on optimizing AfriCAN’s website by user tests, and she is also a part of developing AfriCAN’s social media strategy.

AfriCAN are being funded by the Civil Society Fund

AfriCAN has by CISU (Civil Society in Development) been granted economical support to improvement of education and sustainability in Northern Ghana.

It is the project: ”Student Union Empowerment: A Stronger Voice for Students in Northern Ghana” that CISU has approved economical support for. Therefore the Executive Board are going to Ghana in January, where they are going to complete the joint partnership agreement on the project with our new partner CSIF (Civil Society and Institutional Foundation).

In supporting tertiary education i Northern Ghana AfriCAN aim to strengthen local student unions. Vi believe that education is a prerequisite in creating economical growth and social change i Ghana, but the educational system is in lack of involvement of and influence from the students together with a lack of clutch between education and occupation.

Therefore the Executive Board are going to Ghana in January 2016 with the purpose to clarify the final details around the project, to strengthen the communication and the expectations with our partner CSIF along with achieving a deeper understanding of the students’ opinions and views. The leave for Ghana is about securing that the project will be having the students in focus thus the foundation of the project are being build from their needs and wishes.

The support of this project is to help create the prerequisites of further partnership and the realization of more projects which therefore in the end is a very good thing for the students in Ghana.

Extra Ordinary General Meeting

AfriCAN are holding extra ordinary general meeting 10th of september 2015 from 7-9 pm at the address Dybbølsgade 64, st. tv., 1721 København V. Ideas from members to be considered at the general meeting must be sent to one week prior to the meeting. For the sake of planning and procurement of tea / coffee etc. registrations for the extra ordinary general meeting must be received no later than 5th of september 2015. To sign up, send an email with your name and membership number to The agenda for the meeting is sent to registered participants three days before the meeting.

Annual General Meeting 2015

This year AfriCAN’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 24th of February, pm. 19-21 at the address Meinungsgade 12, 3. th., 2200 Copenhagen N. Ideas from members to be considered at the Annual General Meeting must be sent to 3 weeks prior to the meeting. For the sake of planning and procurement of tea / coffee etc. registrations for the Annual General Meeting must be recieved no later than Febrary 15. To sign up, send an email with your name and membership number to The agenda for the meeting is sent to registred participants a week before the meeting.

New Board member

At an extraordinary general assembly October 25th, Laura Juncker was elected new member of the Board.
Laura is studying at Copenhagen Business School, and you can read more about Laura here.

At the assembly Karin Lerche and Karina Thomsen stepped out of the Board. We thank you both for your cooperation.

Minutes of the extraordinary general assembly may be obtained by sending a request to

/Board of Directors


It finally happened – what we’ve been working towards since October 2012!

Our first financial transfer is now a reality, as funding has been sent to start of the first three students in Ghana.

It is huge and has great importance for our further work to find members, sponsors and others who may contribute to our efforts to support higher education for young people in Ghana.

AfriCAN would like to thank everyone who has contributed – members and other donors – for support. Without it, it was not possible.

The three young people who are being supported this time round are (from left): Sumaila Salifu, Civil Economy, Baba Imoro Alhassan, Civil Economy & Napaga Mohammed, Diploma in Education (teacher).

De 3 første studerende

All three need to finish the final year of their training before they can go out and apply for their dream job.
Read more about the students and their lives here.

Flea market with AfriCAN

Sunday 4th May at 11-16  AfriCAN is participating in the flea market at the Student House in Copenhagen.

Here we will sell secondhand clothes, shoes and other things for Project EduAfrica and we hope that many of you want to swing by, make a good deal and support the work. We also welcome clothing items, shoes and jewelry that we can sell. If you have something that you would like to donate, please send us an email at or stop by the Student House with it.

Read more about the event here.

We look forward to see you!


AfriCAN is now open for members singing up. This is a huge step forward for us!

We have two different forms of membership – support membership and regular membership.
Unfortunately only people with a Danish bank account can sign up.
If you have a Danish bank account and would like to become a member, please contact us at

We have a goal of reaching 300 members in 2014, which would make AfriCAN a tax-deductable organization. However, that goal is only achievable if we all contribute. So become a member of AfriCAN and take part in the work of realizing the young people’s dreams of further education and sustainable development in Africa.