Our History

AfriCAN was founded in 2012 AfriCAN was founded by a group of Danish young people through the efforts of Mille Shalini Pjedsted and Cille Schleicher who each travelled around different parts of the Africa; Zambia, South Africa and Ghana and experienced challenges and global inequalities which triggered their interest to support young people gain access to tertiary education to address their community challenges. They saw the need to work closely with the local people as an important prerequisite to achieve sustainable solutions in ther communities.

Their experiences created interest and will to make a difference in the lives of the marginalized. At the time they were both students and recognized the importance of education as an engine for change and key factor in Africa’s growth.

In the light of their experiences, and inner passion to make a difference, they co-founded AfriCAN based on the philosophy of help to self-help.

They were of the strong conviction that Africa didn’t require to be saved, on the contrary the continent required building on the existing potentials of socioeconomic prospects to alleviate people from poverty and underdevelopment. This will require empowering the youth to believe in and lead a sustainable change. They believed that; ”Uddannelse er vejen frem til at skabe ressourcestærke mennesker, hvis engagement i lokalområdet kan være med til at løfte et land ud af fattigdom” 

Literally “education is the way to create resourceful people, whose own engagement I their local societies can lead to lifting a country out of poverty.

Therefore, support to tertiary education is the bedrock of AfriCAN.

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