Partner – CSIF

Civil Society and Institutional Foundation (CSIF) is the Ghanaian partner of AfriCAN, which handles the local management and implementation of the projects EduAfrica and Student Union Empowerment.

CSIF secretariatCSIF is an umbrella organization consisting of 22 small and medium-sized Ghanaian NGOs. CSIF was founded with the main goal being to serve as a mouthpiece for its member organizations and to support their resource mobilization and capacity building. However, CSIF has ambitions to use the internal resources and experience to engage as a partner in local development projects. The social purpose of CSIF is to support development in the northern regions of Ghana, by drawing on the individual and collective knowledge, experience and achievements of the member organizations, many of which have worked in various fields of development in up to two decades. These fields include, but are not limited to: Vocational and employable skills training; education and advocacy; micro farming and credit; and women and youth empowerment.

Furthermore, CSIF has had a close working relationship with the Ghanaian student unions’ mother organisation, The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS). CSIF and AfriCAN are together implementing the Student Union Empowerment (SUE) project and there is linkage between SUE and EduAfrica. The purpose of the SUE project is to empower student unions and give them a stronger voice in decision making, quality tertiary education and graduate employment.

CSIF highly values equality, partnership and democracy, this is reflected in the gender sensitivity that is inscribed in the code of practice for its programs, management and Steering Committee setup. AfriCAN and CSIF have been in contact since 2014. A strong partnership between the two organisations has been built, and AfriCAN has complete trust in the CSIF’s ability and its way of working. CSIF is a trustworthy and committed partner in Ghana and there are prospects of a fruitful relationship with the organisation to the delight of the youth on the path of a life with education.