EduAfrica – project description

EduAfrica wants to ensure education for all, focusing on medium and higher education programs!

Many young Africans do not have the opportunity to pay for higher education after they have completed high school. The majority will stop and end up in unemployment with no prospect of a financially stable future for themselves or their families.

EduAfrica wants to support young African students who are already active in their communities, by sponsoring their education. Simultaneously, this is an investment in the local communities, where students can serve as role models and promote local development without the need for foreign involvement.

EduAfrica works with a target group – students seeking higher education – this is different to other organizations and NGOs. Many organizations and NGOs deal with young children and focus on providing a basic education. With the development project EduAfrica, AfriCAN wishes to follow up on the good work that the other NGOs already perform. EduAfrica wants to expand the educational opportunities to include medium and higher education programs and thereby ensuring greater opportunities for a sustainable future.

AfriCAN will ensure that each time a young student is selected to participate in the project the student will be followed through the whole study period so that the individual is supported financially and personally. This ensures that the student completes the education and creates the greatest possible contribution to his community – not only after their studies but also throughout their studies.

EduAfrica is not a short-term project but a project to provide young African students, who are already contributing to their local communities, with the financial support they need in order to get a higher education.

Through education, we can create a sustainable future together, in which young people in Africa will be able to create a future for themselves and their country without the need for foreign aid.

EduAfrica wants to help push the students in the right direction but ultimately let the students be in charge of their own destiny.