Student Union Empowerment – project description

The project Student Union Empowerment is about strengthening the influence of university students on their education in northern Ghana.

Ghana has been a democracy since 1992, but the democratic culture has only to a limited degree spread from political life to other parts of society. In the education sector, this means that the universities do not let the students have influence on the teaching and the general conditions of the students.

There are several student organizations on Ghanaian universities, and formally the students are also represented in various councils and boards. However, the university managements often push through decisions without involving the opinions of the students, and the student organizations are generally too weak to deal with this. This causes widespread frustration among the students who also find that their education is out of step with the demands of the labor market.

With the project Student Union Empowerment, AfriCAN is working via our Ghanaian partner organization in strengthening the student organizations at the University for Development Studies in northern Ghana, in order to make them capable of speaking the voice of the students when dealing with authorities and university officials. University for Development Studies has approximately 20,000 students on four different campuses.

The project is funded by the Civil Society Fund.