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AfriCAN launched the EduAfrica project in October 2012. It is a sponsorship project, which provides economic and mentorship support to young African students and thereby give them the opportunity and economic resources to attain higher education. It is intended to create better job opportunities and chances for economic stability with local anchorage.

AfriCAN works with local partners such as Civil Society Institutional Foundation (CSIF-Ghana) and exploring new partners in Africa. EduAfrica started in Ghana, but in the long run we intend to expand the support scheme to other African countries to the extent it is economically possible. The partners jointly identify young students, who are already active in their local societies. A sponsorship involves full economic support and personal support throughout the entire course of the education, which gives the student the needed support to finish the education.

EduAfrica works with 5 criteria for selection. These are formulated by both the local partner and AfriCAN:

  • The person must be between 20-35 years old
  • The person volunteers for the partner organisation other organissations
  • The person is active in the local society
  • The person must have started a higher education
  • The person intends to work in the local society after finishing the education.

The students are selected based on personal interviews with AfriCAN and the local partner in order to ensure their understanding of EduAfrica’s values. This includes the idea that the education has to create change and development with local anchorage. The subject areas span through the field of nursing to teachers and IT-education.

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