Who We Are

AfriCAN is a membership-based NGO and was founded in October 2012. The organization consists of a board, a secretariat and a couple of committees filled with people, who share a love for Africa and development in general.

These people are the backbone of AfriCAN, and their resources are used to create a strong organization, which is transparent to its members, partners and donors.

In an attempt to stand out from the crowd of NGO’s, AfriCAN emphasizes on among others alternative target groups e.g. tertiary students, who seek to complete a further and higher education and take active parts in educational governance at learning institutions.

These students are change agents and future leaders and investing in them is investing in national development.


AfriCAN’s work is built upon the philosophy of self-empowerment and self-help.The people are the engine of their own development. This is the core of our ide of community social enterprise solution and sustainable development.

We do not believe that AfriCAN, as a Western NGO, is established to save Africa. We try to inspire, facilitate, promote and unleash the enormous socioeconomical potential of Africa with the prospects of bringing about a stable, bright future for the people of Africa.

The African diaspora community is incredibly essential in driving for change in Africa. Therefore, we work to unleash the enormous potential of the african diaspora community in Scandinavia.

AfriCAN works with local partners such as Civil Society Institutional Foundation (CSIF-Ghana) and exploring other partners across Africa.

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our Mission

Mission is to promote access and quality education, equal right and opportunities through advocacy, dialogue and lobbying with authorities in Scandinavia and African countries.

Our Vision

The Vision of AfriCAN is a strengthened African diaspora community working for equal rights for all irrespective of colour, gender or religion around the world

Our Core Values

1. Equality for All

we work to make sure the rights of people wherever they are in the world are protected and respected.

2. Open to all

our organisation is opened to all regardless of the race, religion, sex and gender. Everyone is welcome to become a member and co own the organisation

3. Integrity

We work to become an organisation our partners can trust. We respect all agreements and seek to meet the highest standards.

Our Core Values

4. Learning Organisation

we are a learning organisation and constantly learn from our experiences.

5. Accountability

we are accountable to our members and our partners by presenting organisational reports in ways that is transparent. We practice both downward and upward accountability.

Our Goals

  • Build a strong diaspora community in Scandinavia and Europe

  • Promote Education through scholarships, school partnerships and strong student leaderships in Africa

  • Showcase African culture and address issues that affect Africans in Scandinavia

  • Contributing to the creation of local economic opportunities for young people in Africa through community enterprise solution

  • Provide global service-learning opportunities for Scandinavians and young people around the world in Africa

Core Services

A. Integration

  • Lobbying, Advocacy and Dialogue (LAD) regarding policies that takes care of the needs of African immigrants in Denmark and Scandinavia
  • Sharing Information on education and jobs to diaspora groups
  • Advisory services to Africans on how to navigate through life in Scandinavian as well as to companies and individuals seeking to invest in Africa

B. Diaspora Community Building and Cultural Exchange

  • Building the capacity and networking African diaspora communities
  • Liaise with African diplomatic missions for joint action on relevant African issues
  • Promote African cultures and economic interest in Scandinavia and EU

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